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Private Mentorship for Women 

Women's Mentorship

If you are a high-profile teacher, guide, healer, or facilitator and you are ready to anchor more deeply in your own wellspring of truth and love and your next level of realization, this is for you.


This is by far my favorite expression of my work. I get the unique opportunity to sit with you, feel you, see you, and recognize both your gifts and your shadows, your wounds, and your natural brilliance. From here I craft a personal tantric embodiment map that enables you to weave your shakti through your body bringing your soul more fully into being and expression.

These journeys usually last from 3 months to 9 months and they drastically change the meaning, depth, and trajectory of your life:


They empower you with the capacity to embrace the medicine

showing up in your life as a challenge

They clarify your voice and your creative expression into

       tangible purpose and service

They bring you deeply into the intelligence of your sensuality,

       your passion, your bliss

And they unpack some of the deepest held patterns and

       sticky points in relationships.


Your sexual circuitry holds the map of your soul and the map of your wounds. As you enter and presence these wounds, through breathing, meditation, and powerful spiritual science you uncover the depth of their sacredness

as you fully receive their medicine of healing.


Women's sexual circuitry holds the pathway to our awakening. This is the work that I was initiated into through my daughter's birth, and various teachers and have been teaching for the last decade and a half. It is direct, powerful, loving, and ultimately empowering you to live the full expression of

your being through your human experience.

Explore the opportunity to be held, nurtured, and empowered in your blooming.
I would love to dive in deep with you!

To see if this is a fit for you, book a 15-minute consultation with me.

What are Women Saying about Katherine's Work! 

entering venus.jpeg


Katherine was the most influential person of my year. Her course answered a long time yearning to grow and be met in a rarefied depth of embodied Feminine priestess training. It not only defined my year, but changed my life. Katherine embodies a refined Divine Feminine radiance, and deep womb presence rare on the planet today. She wields a fiercely loving sword of precision, as well as has the grace of heart that can beckon the most delicate of soul fragments from the darkest far-reaching dimensional corners. The level of service she is doing with those whom she works with is breathtaking. She truly has been a Soul midwife for me, and I am forever grateful.

Sarah's testimonial

Sarah Lantz

Director at Sacred Women's Way &  Owner of Temptress Apothecary  

Katherine has been my teacher and guide for the last four years. What I love about her is the way she lives a sincere and potent expression of grace, humility, and devotion. Katherine offers a tender invitation to come into a deep, divine intimacy with ourselves and the mystery that weaves inside. In doing so we begin to empty all the hurts, wounding and armoring that we hold. What unfolded for me in the process is a more authentic expression of who I innately am. In the safe, deep container Katherine holds, I have learnt to bring those parts of myself closer, meet them with humilty, and welcome them back into wholeness. I would recommend her work to all those seeking to find a more authentic and potent expression of themselves. Whilst it takes courage to step into this space, once your'e in it is so intoxicatingly beautiful and safe.



I have been searching spiritually for the last 20 years, and have longed for a path where I can deepen into my feminine source, and that includes working deeply with emotions, opening my heart and body to the Source within, and be guided by a real teacher that has a fully lived experience of what they are teaching.
I have found Katherine Zorensky and her work to fulfill these wishes, and much more. Katherine is a wonderful teacher, who knows every landscape in the journey of feminine awakening intimately, both its holes and pitfalls and its jewels and treasures. She is able to be there for you every step of the way. The journey is not easy, but has great rewards. Be prepared to be deeply challenged and dive into your deeper wounds that needs to be felt for you to truly evolve and come to a more intimate feeling of infinite love and knowing your souls abundance of gifts. Katherine guides you through these landscapes, with an extreme directness and clarity - held with huge love and unwavering focus on helping your soul grow and bloom with Katherine.

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