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Leadership Emergence


A 6 month birthing into your purpose using the Venus Portal's intelligence

Next Journey Begins in August 2024

The Venus Portals Leadership Emergence


This training is an indepth journey through the Venus Portals to birth your unique purpose into form. The profound intelligence of the portals in their capacity to bridge our soul's vision into manifested form in collaboration with our innate connection to the web of life is the most direct and integrated way to bring your work to it's next level in the world. Along with weekly teaching practice/progression sessions, bi-monthly private sessions with Katherine, and monthly Human Being workshops you will be a part of a virtual chat circle to witness and share with others in the group. This training requires a high level of participation and will enable you to be tracked and supported closely in refining your soul embodied purpose in the world. You will complete the course with a deeper level of embodiment and a map of your own work to share with your clients, students, and communities.


The Venus Portals are a pathway to realization for women through embodiment of one's essence mapped the channels of our physical and energetic bodies.

The result is living situated in your true blueprint of human being, and your innate expression of your gifts, your love, and your potential in this life.

Pre-requisites for the journey:

  • You have completed at least two Portals Virtual Journey (next course starts in January 2024).

  • You can commit financially, energetically, and physically to the course.

  • You can prioritize meeting times and coursework in your life.

  • You have or are building a client base or community based on another modality or your personal gifts (speak with Katherine for questions around this).

Course Components:

  • Safety Module (1 month​)

    • Trauma Release Practices​

    • Sexual Anatomical Safety and Practices

  • Portals Modules (4 months)​​

    • 3 months Portals Modules (portals 1-4)

    • 1-month Womb Modules (advanced work)

  • Birthing your work

    • building your principles and map

    • creating your containers and forms


    • deepening embodiment practices to further your shadow and light work

    • in person facilitation and support on your next embodiment edges

    • Workshop structuring and facilitation training to hold your own sacred temple space and containers

    • activities and methods to build out your body of work


For facilitators, teachers, guides, therapists, doulas, midwives, and community leaders ready to deepen their capacity to support other women on their path to awakening to their creativity and purpose through their integrated aliveness and love.

This work expresses uniquely through each woman who embodies it...and is merely an expression of their pure feminine service, expression, and love. 


  • Weekly virtual course practice meetings

  • Ongoing personal practice 

  • 2 private sessions a month with Katherine

  • Monthly Human Being  workshops

  • In Person Retreat in Spain

    • dates TBA (7 days)​

What to expect?

  • To more deeply embody your authentic expression of the Venus Portals

  • Be supported in deepening your own facilitation in course form or one on one with your clients

  • Develop practices for delivery of your work

  • Deepening embodiment in your honest transmission of your work and how it expresses alongside your gifts of service

  • Deep community support with other women on the course

  • and of course...more on your evolutionary journey to come.

Leadership Emergence Cost

5500 euros

(does not include in person retreat)


Registration fee: 500 euros 

applied towards the first month's fee. 
this deposit is not refundable

for questions and eligibility email


What Clients Say

"I feel like I have really shifted where my life was going and the presence with which I'm making the changes in my life, but also it feels like my life has pretty much taken a quantum leap to where it might have been going, to where it actually is going. 

I am experiencing my life in such an embodied, deeply rooted way that's become very visceral and tangible and not just like a great idea. So this work is so real, it brought me into a very real relationship with myself and with my body, with my femininity, and with the sacred feminine within me that we all have access to as women."  ~ Sarah Hoskin Clymer

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