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Meditations for Soul Embodiment


We are in a collective time of purging our deepest wounds and ancestral patterns. The following meditations are a means of support and guidance for accessing the remaining threads of these patterns in your body, so that you can more authentically express from your soul.

The key to fully activating these meditations is to enter them from the desire in your soul. In this way, the meditation becomes the vehicle to drive your soul into it's place in your body. $22 each

Venus Portals Meditations


The 5 portals are the access to the soul through the map of the female sexual anatomy. The portals hold the intelligence of of the golden ratio, or the bridge from formless to form. They are called the Venus portals after the planetary body of Venus in the sky. The orbital pattern Venus makes around the sun is a mathematical expression of the phi ratio. We hold this same intelligence through the wisdom of our yoni and womb.

The following meditations are practices that connect the sexual energy to the soulful qualities held in each of the portals. As the portals begin to open, Shakti or life force begins to thread your essence deeper into your body. This is the process of embodiment. As this happens, emotions and belief systems that were held deeply in the body will rise into your awareness to be released. As you witness them in loving presence, they will dissolve and make room for more of your pure soul to express through joy, love, wisdom, clarity, and power.

These meditations are a profound tool into the vastness of your internal world. As you unlock the secrets of your innermost landscape, life shifts externally to meet you in the truth of who you are becoming. May you go deep, know the love that you are, and share it with the world.

Lips of Love

The first portal is accessed through the labia lips, or lips of love. The lips of love hold the essential soul qualities of appreciation, trust, and belonging. 

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