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Meditations and Activations to support your deepening in your embodiment.

Welcome to the Technology of Love Shop!

This is a collection of meditations and activations to support your deepening in your embodiment. These recordings carry simple instruction, teachings and also profound transmission.

The more you open yourself to receive and listen from beyond your mind, the more they will spark a recognition of what is innately living within you, remembering you
to your own inner “Technology of Love.”

This is a series of 5 calls illuminating through teachings and transmissions 5 different emanations of Shakti in her natural arising process through our bodies and our experience. 

In this meditation, you will be opened to the axis of desire which is the union of love and power, desire and consciousness, human and transcendent.

This is one of the most effective means of entering our deeply held stories and stances around lack. This series has helped countless people open to more abundance in their life, on all forms. I trust it will do the same for you. 

This meditation is a very authentic way to start your day, seating yourself in the center of your experience in relation through your body to your world, and its most

elemental ingredients. 

Books: Soul's Guide to Birthing and Inspired Living
Find out about the books here.

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