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Hawaiian Embodiment Journey
September through October 2021

The Hawaii Personal Retreat is a profound conversation between your soul, your body, the mana (power) of the island, and myself as your guide. Using the natural atune-ment process that happens at sacred site vortexes we uncover a deeper 'axis of truth' as felt in your own body in relation to the sun, the earth, and your place bridging both. In the establishment of this axis, we can go deeper into the release of past stories and limitations (deep shadow work) and give your body, your psyche a new reference for possibility. 

These retreats are individually designed based on where you are ready to open in a safe and integrated way. The facilitation enables incredible access to synchronicity and learning through the interface with the elemental world as well as through the sexual channels of your body.


We will travel to appropriate sacred sites on the island, summits, volcanic calderas, lava tubes, vortexes as they support the gentle opening and alignment of your circuits and body to the innate connection and harmony to the cosmic forces. We will delve deep into temple arts such as yoni/prostate steaming, womb/hara pulsing, shakti breathing, and practices to awaken the tantric circuitry in connection with your soul (this process is gentle and direct). 

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of this most life altering initiation, please email me directly so we can set up a time to speak. This is suitable for those deeply committed to embodying their humanity as their spiritual path to awakening. This is open to both women and men.

These retreats are a co-creation between myself, the Big Island of Hawaii, and you...and the more honesty and desire to know yourself you bring into the experience, the deeper we can go. 

You can expect to emerge on the other side, more connected to the voice and wisdom of your soul (through your womb/hara presence), more clear about your purpose and service in the world, and more surrendered to your ego as servant to your soul.

These retreats are a culmination of my over two decades of guiding, in wilderness, therapeutically, and in connection the soul and sexuality. They are incredibly efficient and integrated in their embodiment capacity, and they are incredibly inspiring and fun!

Here's what participants are saying about these retreats:

(These are available for individuals, couples, or besties (soul sisters/brothers).

"Working with Katherine was an absolute gift! I can say sincerely that her True Sisterhood Retreat changed the trajectory of my life. From the moment we met,  I felt drawn to Katherine's wisdom and embodied presence, and I was blown away at the level of transformation we were able to experience within her sacred container. She guided our retreat with impeccability, intuition, and leadership that stems from deep commitment to service. The whole experience, while challenging and raw, was wrapped in grace, ease, and flow. Her work is real and very powerful. If you feel the nudge to invest in the evolution of your soul, I highly recommend spending time with this wise woman." ~Catheryne Harsh

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