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Retreat for couples
FEBRUARY 13-19, 2022
Playa Viva, MEXICO

A retreat for couples choosing to evolve through the

sexuality of relationship.

Facilitated by Katherine Zorensky and Matt Sturm

Relationship for the purpose of “realization,” is a sacred sexual container between two individuals that becomes a crucible for seeing and knowing ourselves through the reflection of 'other.' In knowing ourselves,  we inherently understand and honor the interconnection with others and our world. When this interconnection is embodied through our somatic openness and engagement, we have access to the creative flow, love, abundance, and the expression of our purpose in the world to support the evolution of humanity. In this way, now more than ever relationships are an essential part of our creation of a new sustainable paradigm of human life.

Join Matt and Katherine for a seven day intimate couples journey into relationship as a vehicle for both sovereignty and union. In this retreat you can expect to receive:

~an authentic deepening connection, understanding, and relating with your partner

~tools to carry forward for your continued journey in relating as realization

~tantric practices to activate your sexual circuitry in connection with soul embodiment and consciousness awakening

~inspiration and practical guidance on how to cultivate healthy attachment and individuation

~a deepening relationship to sexuality with yourself and your partner

~6 nights/7 days at Playa Viva, a world class eco resort sourced with local fresh food and beach access.

Nearest airport is Zihuatenaho, Mexico City (shuttle provided)

Space is limited to 12 couples.

Retreat cost per couple including room and private quarters $3500

To reserve your space please make your deposit (Rooms vary, first come first serve):




Teacher and guide for transformational experiences. Matt Sturm has studied within a diverse array of traditions and practices and his passion is to share them in a way that’s accessible, experiential and empowering. His background spans Hatha yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, somatic psychotherapy, sacred sexuality, and indigenous rituals for expanded states of consciousness. Prior to “going spiritual,” Matt had a career that included corporate and start-up work in solar, climate change and international development. (MORE ABOUT MATT)


As an internationally recognized Womb Shaman, Katherine has been guiding women and men into soul embodiment through classical tantra and western shadow work for over a decade. Her background includes training and teaching in Rolfing and Cranial Sacral therapies, Hatha Yoga, Zen monastic living, Tibetan and Indian Tantric lineages, wilderness therapy and guiding, and her own direct experience through childbirth and relationship. She weaves the innate connection of sexuality, elemental earth, and consciousness. She inspires others to claim their soul’s design and live it in authentic ways that bring beauty, meaning, pleasure, and purpose into their lives. (MORE ABOUT KATHERINE)

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