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The Axis of Desire is the meeting between our essence and our physical body as embodied through the heart and hara / womb relationship.


The axis of desire is the union of love and power, desire and consciousness, human and transcendent.

In this meditation, you will be opened to these powerful portals, and the more time you explore here, the more your discovery will open to your own access to the spaciousness and fullness of your being.


This is a powerful and direct tool, utilizing spiritual anatomy and science to return to feeling, an embodied access to more of who you are. In this 10-minute meditation using breath, and awareness, your nervous system, and deeper self will synchronize with the earth’s frequency and harmonize with the love that you are.

The Axis of Desire Meditation

  • The Axis of Desire meditation is a powerful atune-ment practice to start your day, or connect with through out your day when you feel you need to ground inwardly.

    The Axis of Desire locates our multi-dimensional being through our physical body, bringing more of our full spectrum capacity, creativity, and love into our human lives. When done consecutively over a period of several days, this can be a powerful anchoring and reset into a fuller engaged experience of reality.