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The TOL Membership is a bi-monthly hourly zoom meeting for prayer and practice.


This circle is open to men and women, new and old to the work.


Prayer has many meanings to many people. As I hold prayer, it is simply a way of being-ness. It is a resting in our natural state, and from this naturalness, we meet the multiple aspects of our being (and its reflections) through our heart/womb/hara...weaving them more consciously into the interconnected web that we are, and that we are a part of.


Practice also has many connotations. Through the lens of this work, it is a ritual means of resting deeper in our innate connection to all directions, earthly and cosmic, and including the intelligence of our sexual/spiritual circuitry as the entry into IN-bodying this spectrum more fully.


As we engage in prayer and practice time together, we open up a larger field of safety, interconnection, and capacity for transformation.


My intent in opening this membership circle is to enable an ongoing means of touching in, remembering, and sharing the larger access to who and what we are, both as individuals and as a collective.

Technology of Love Membership Prayer & Practice