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The choice we make to abort a fetus is one that impacts us on so many levels of body, soul, and psyche.

The process of a life-ending is a destructive process, and when not held in a safe container can create destruction in relationships, our bodies, and our self-esteem and capacity to feel what it is we want and need. It brings us directly in contact with our mortality, our power as a sentient being to give or take life, and the power lurking in our shadow to stay in the darkness of despair. From nature’s perspective, there is no right choice or wrong choice, only the result of how our choice brings us closer or further from the truth of who we are.



Life after Death: Healing Abortions and Miscarriages Intro Workshop

  • Healing our abortions and miscarriages can be a means of coming into deeper contact with our internal creative circuitry, more connection to the wisdom of our bodies emerging through released numbness of trauma, and a way of unlocking the power held in our shadow.

  • You will receive a zip file with the 2 Recorded Workshop Calls.