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As human beings we gain sense of who, what, and where we are through relationship. When we open our bodies and our experience to include more of the our interconnection with all life, spatially, elementally, and through time, we connect more to the synchronistic wholeness that supports our lives.


The following meditation is a very authentic way to start your day, seating yourself in the center of your experience in relation through your body to your world, and its most elemental ingredients. It can be a powerful reset when you feel thrown off balance by stress or life’s triggers.


It is appropriate for all embodiment levels and carries a transmission that, can invite your consciousness deeper into your body.

In the Center of our Mandala Meditation

  • This can be used first thing in the morning to bring one’s full being into the third-dimensional world, to bring more harmony and alignment in your interactions.


    It can also be used throughout the day, to stay informed and connected by and to our essential nature.