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The Truth about Tantra, Desire & Astrology

Join Katherine (me) and Adam Gainsburg on the flagship Astrology Hub podcast. 

August 2022

In this episode, we discuss: 


* My story with Astrology and how it’s informed my practice as a Tantra practitioner​

* How we redefine power for a better

understanding of autonomy

* What is Embodied Astrology and

what embodiment actually means

* Why there’s no need to worry about transits​

* We explore the future of embodied astrology

as well as the alchemy of tantra through living our desire.


This is a taste of our upcoming free webinar on August 29th, Desire as Empowered Purpose.

Her Return Podcast
with Lindsey Curtis 

Together we go deep into the spiral of female realization through the feminine body. From birth, transitioning from trauma to initiation, to meeting transcendence through form, here is a convo your feminine essence will enjoy!


Listen to receive on:

* Accessing the transcendent through the physical portals

* The relational pathway to Source

* Tuning fork of Truth

* Cultivating deeper Intimacy

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June 2022

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The RISE Summit:
Transforming Trauma 

Healing Trauma through our Sexual Circuitry:

The bridge between trauma and our vitality. The link between sexual abuse and brain function,

healing trauma through our sexual circuitry. 

May 2022

Sexual Alchemy Podcast Interview with Libby Lydecker Part 3

The Initiation of Sacred Relationship and the Co-creation of Children, Projects, and Paradigms.

In this episode we discuss:

* My new book Souls Guide to Birthing

* The mandate for a conscious relationship

* and the potency of these times​


June 2021

Sexual Alchemy Podcast Interview with Libby Lydecker Part 2

This one is juicy...diving into the archetypes of King and Queen, the mandate for Divine Partnership in relation to the state of the world, and the sexual circuitry that brings us into this level of maturity in our bodies and souls.

We talk about:

* The role of the priestess relative to men,

* The map of men's sexuality that leads them into their soulful embodiment.

* The archetypes of pilgrim (or daka) and the difference between that and the King

* The mechanics of polarity, through sexual energy​


May 2021

Sexual Alchemy Podcast Interview with Libby Lydecker Part 1

Recorded on Mary Magdalene's Feast Day,

Libby and I discuss what it means to live true to love's devotion in today's times.

We delve deep into the wisdom of our bodies as entrance into the soul. The feminine pathway of embodiment is a map held in the intelligence of our sexual circuitry,

that when opened and activated, we become

a living expression of love on earth.


January 2021

The Frequency of Fertility: Ovary Activation

This interview with Fertility ND specialist Hillary Fredrickson explores the connection between conception,

the ovaries, and the soul.


We talk about:

* the keys to unlocking fertility on the causal level,

* I share my daughter's outrageous birth story in the Pacific Ocean,

* and I lead everyone in a powerful ovary activation.

January 2021

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