The Archetypes of King and Queen in Sexuality and Life Podcast with Libby Lydecker

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

This one is juicy...diving into the archetypes of King and Queen, the mandate for Divine Partnership in relation to the state of the world, and the sexual circuitry that brings us into this level of maturity in our bodies and souls.

We talk about the role of the priestess relative to men, the map of men's sexuality that leads them into their soulful embodiment. We also touch on the archetypes of pilgrim (or daka), and the difference between that and the King.

This conversation touches the importance of sovereignty (sexually, soulfully, human-ly) at the heart of evolutionary relationship. We talk about the mechanics of polarity, through sexual energy, and the crucible the warrants deep shadow work to manifest the full capacity of partnership, and the unique gifts each polarity holds for the other on the path of union. This is a podcast for men and women equally.

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