For many of us, there is a sudden collapse in the scaffolding that held the structures of our lives in place based on the recent entry of COVID 19. Many of us may find ourselves in a free fall relative to 'how to do life', with out the familiar dictating forces of non-quarantined routine. In the weightlessness of this sudden flight, where do we look for the means to give ground and shape to our lives? Perhaps we find relaxation and reference in the cycles that are faithful to their primordial (before time) designs. As Ernest Hemingway so simply asserted, “The Sun Also Rises."

Every morning the sun rises bringing warmth, brightness, and necessary sustenance for all life forms. Every evening the sun sets, bringing darkness, rest, and a means to drop deeper into the unseen realms of our minds and hearts that are informing the expression of our days. Every 28 days the moon completes a cycle of orbit that catalyzes the waxing and waning rhythms of our bodies, feelings, and conceptions.

The rhythms of the sun and the moon have always been deeply informing us beneath the level of surface society. Their knowing holds the secret to the innate design of our human existence. This design is not determined by the recent overlay of a first world interpretation of life on earth. It is founded in a cosmic harmony that sings with the resonance of primordial Union.

In this we can rest. In a return to this rhythm that impersonally navigates the electro-magnetic polarity essential to hold all life, we can return to the well spring of our own primal design.

We are in a profound time of pause in the ways humanity has defined the structures of time in defiance of these organic inter-relationships. In this pause, we are seeing ozone shift, pollution clear, weather patterns return, wild life re-inhabit. As the noise of our ignorance is silenced by Earth's firm reckoning, we can listen to her wisdom that knows the wholeness in living integrally, living in integrity, living a life that is integrated, living interdependently. How we translate this into each of our lives is a deeply personal articulation of our own sacred relationship to HER. This translation is how we ritualize life.

What is ritual?

Ritual is a ground, a structure, a demarkation of time and space that becomes a portal beyond both when infused with our conscious presence. Ritual is a nodal point in the network of sentiency that enables transmission and distribution of life's essential nourishment. Ritual is the needle that pierces the fabric of time, weaving the sacred thread of what is true into the tapestry of our lives. Ritual is the crucible that enables the essences of our selves, our relations. our lives to meet and become alchemized into their next expression of truth and goodness.

How do we do ritual?

We undress. We become naked. In this we are granted entry into pure possibility that exists only in pure presence. We bring ourselves fully, empty of the routines of habit for how we have defined and related to ourselves and others. We meet and align with the elements and forces of 'true' nature in a way that is unique and authentic to each of us.

What does it look like?

Ritual is a daily witnessing of the sunrise in silence. Ritual is the way we brush our teeth while seeing our face in the mirror with an ever fresh receptivity. Ritual is meeting our companion for a bottle of wine and a meal to simply show up and tend to the the natural points of resonance held between us. Ritual is how we continue to find simple, daily means of connection with our children that convey the consistency of our love and keep buoyant the anchor of their own knowing. Ritual is a weekly call with our parents, that affords the unspoken exchange of genetic recognition and reference.

Ritual is where the mundane meets the magic.

It is the fleshing out of our lives through a rhythm that sustains the thread of meaningful connection. Ritual provides the necessary tending, touching, and tuning of the complexities of our beings into a simple and wholesome way of living.

Ritual is how we shape time to conduct the precious essence of our lives in connection to all we hold dear. Ritual enriches in ways that further sustain and exalt our innate interconnection to the Web of all Life.

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