Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Time is a steady reference while simultaneously elusive. In moments we can trip into old timelines, triggered by traumatic memories lanced by the sharp intrusion of a collective pandemic. When we can cognize what is happening the cold looming walls of isolation can be melted by our warm, tender tears.

From here we can study the stories that have animated our identity in echoing octaves. This offers empowerment through a clarity that in the future may afford us different choices. But before different choices, we must commit our freewill to 'reset' our soul's modem.

In the pause between 'reset' and regained connectivity, there is the inevitable death. Death to the old story. Death to the tensegrity of life built on the artificial foundation of separation. Death to the manipulation of time.

How do we die? How do face our own mortality? This is a question we can only answer for ourselves in the honest entrance into this liminal space of our own consciousness. How we find surrender is unique for each of us, yet we all have the knowing. Our remembrance of this capacity is forcibly imposed on all of us in differing degrees of being literal or figurative... right here, right now.

Navigation of any kind of death is as personal and intimate as it gets. There is no witness to claim the thoroughness of our efforts. The reward is the power of the initiation of our reincarnation into whatever realm life is granted to us.

The emergence beyond the trauma 'tunnel' affords a broader vision that gives a visceral relaxation into the perfection of a natural unfolding. Time expands into a timeless weaving that holographically holds the innate interconnection of life into a harmonic relationship with all life.

Here, time finds us... through the rising of the sun, the setting of the stars, the thrush of birdsong ushering in the morning, and the watchful eye of the moon. Time affords us all that is simply ours to claim as the framework for a life we will animate through the authentic expression of our living and our loving.

I took this photo this morning on my morning walk. It very much describes the ‘mood’ of how I perceive life these days. In the foreground is fresh lava from the 2018 flow. There are places steam is still rising from the molten heat below. In the stillness and silence the island’s ‘breath’ is a conduit for my own deep reverence and appreciation for life carried onto the wind as prayer. In the background is Green Mountain. It's majestic and verdant green prominence gives me a glimpse of the fruition emerging beyond this very personal and collective charnel ground. Above, pristine sunshine penetrates the clouds, emanating the sun's unconditioned radiance to bring warmth and illumination.

Wishing you all the spaciousness within your own being to rest in the deep knowing and conviction required to carry you through this most potent portal of Time.

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