to rest in God alone. I journeyed from my cosmic roots, the place I know as Home. In the corridors of infinite time, perpetual choirs sing In the weaving of my essence, their harmonics immortally ring.

I know this song by heart.

I came to feel the warmth of a tender human caress, and loose myself in the lyrics of a rhythmically rising chest. I came to know surrender in the arms of a loving cocoon. To feel the curve of my hips echoed by another's spoon.

I came to know the pulse of a heartbeat in my womb. To feel the grief that carves out canyons when a soul has left too soon. The Web of Life's perfection of connection in all that's whole. The meeting of Divine, in union with another soul.

There are pockets in this body, that God's fingers can not reach. There are locks upon this heart that only a human love will breach. There's a longing in my soul, that will rise until it meets: The eyes that see, Ears that hear, A nose that knows, and lips that won't relent.

When all has been lived, and all has been loved, No stone left unturned, Agni's fire burns the ashes of form into the infinite song of the Nameless Ones, that carries on... and on... and on.

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