From seamless light we are breathed by silent depth into rhythm, pulse, beat, intensity converging into Vesica Piscis emerging, dividing, accumulating the shapes of polarities that through their tensions we become

Manifest in this third dimension's density that invites the amnesia of forgetting our 'beyond.'

Through the fog we see the beckoning lighthouse in the distance, activating our journey of remembrance, of what we came to do, with whom and why.

We make a choice, to play our part in the resonant hum of harmony of the whole.

Ours is the bliss, the ecstasy, the wonder and work of the process, but not the product.

We are merely the conceiver or the vessel, the architecture, or the impulse through which something else becomes.

And in this, we are forged deeper into our innate formation. And deeper into love.

And then it is done. And we come undone from persona, purpose, and particulars that defined us enough to execute the Divine Design into form.

Like a mounting wave dissolving back into the vast ocean, we release our grasp on 'here and now' and move into the unseen realms that orchestrate this birthing consciousness from primordial presence.

Again and again and again.

KZ 2016

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