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The Technology of Love: A Path to Embodiment


Our Purpose

Embody our true, authentic soul expression.


Answer the questions of “Why am I here?”, “What is most meaningful in my life?” and “How can I authentically offer my gifts?”


Our Practice

The Technology of Love integrates spiritual science, emotional alchemy, and elemental wisdom into a path of self-realization. Together, we will discover your highest forms of intelligence, creation, devotion, love and joyful participation.


Source Consciousness:

The Technology of Love brings us directly into the primordial pulse of life allowing limitless vitality, creativity, and the ability to love without preset conditions.


The states of euphoria, connection, and clear intuitive insight become easily and naturally sourced through the Self versus external gurus, artificial technologies, or medicinal applications. 


Sexuality and Soul:

The circumstances at our conception, along with our ancestral heritage created an initial ‘overlay’ on our pure soul. This ‘map of karma’ can be read through our sexual and energetic circuitry. 


The Technology of Love address these karmic imprints held as emotions in our sexual channels. We can then feel the freedom of our ecstatic nature. Learning to read and resolve the map of our karmic imprints allows liberation on the deepest causal levels of our soul.


Elemental Wisdom:

The Technology of Love further addresses beliefs and patterns held in our subconscious through a process of elemental refinement. The elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and space are the shells that hold the manifestation of consciousness. As we become more connected to essential nature of each of these elements we clarify the radiance of our consciousness through them. Here our inner and outer experience become unified into seamless presence.

Our Potential

The Technology of Love enables us to:


  • Attract partners (intimate, friends and business) who most accurately support us on our present path.

  • Live an inspired life and fulfill a necessary part of the next evolution of humanity.

  • Trust our deepest desires and intelligence that enacts our design. 

  • Receive opportunities for more love and truth.

  • Empower other co-creators who also participate within the Mysteries of Life.

  • Inhabit the seat of our soul with dignity and poise with a Body that maintains more vitality, refined energy and natural abundance. 


Life will continue to brings circumstances that trigger both past experience and future projections. Technology of Love shares tools and techniques that enable us to stay present opening in new pathways of possibility.


The Technology of Love allows polarities such as giving and receiving, masculinity and femininity, dark and light, to be honored and integrated. Here we find our rightful place in a higher octave of harmony with all of Creation. 


All this is possible through a surrender into our unique design. This process releases the subconscious burdens that we often hold in our attempt to become something other than who we truly are.


We each hold gifts to share with others. When we access an authentic path of devotion, our gifts authentically manifest.


Our Principles

Embrace: Simultaneously experiencing and witnessing an experience without separation.


Humility: Being as you are without embellishing or minimizing.


Desire: The magnetic expression of attracting to us what we chose to be most meaningful and true.


Surrender: The art of simultaneously staying fully present and letting go to a greater intelligence that will initiate us towards something beyond our current ‘known' experience.


Devotion: The natural offering of the fullness of ourselves through our actions, our words, and our thoughts.

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