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Private Mentorship for Men 

Private Mentorship for Men

Are you ready to claim your potency, your passion,

and your place in the world?

Sexuality is the current that carried your consciousness into this life. It is also one of the interfaces of your soul with your physical body. This is why the ancient eastern tradition of Tantra utilized sexual energy in the body for the ultimate alchemy of realization.


When the male sexual map is made conscious, he gains access to the presence and gifts held in the wisdom of his body, and this entry into his soul. It brings him into his most tender human nature, his deep-felt connection with the earth, his unconditional heart, and his visionary consciousness. The wisdom of this map was helped by

many traditions including ancient Egypt, Tibet, and India.


Katherine has been teaching and guiding men through this soul evolutionary map for the last five years. Recently she has transitioned to private mentorships that allow for a personally designed curriculum for individual men. The potent space she holds invites men deeper into their own bodies and consciousness to discover and claim what is gleaned through their direct access. This is done through meditation, breathwork, mudra, and mantra along with supportive shadow work to integrate necessary healing. We meet weekly on zoom with follow-up tracking and daily solo practice.

The result is that men find their voice, their sense of purpose, and their capacity to penetrate their lives with the love and clarity in their hearts and minds.

This mentorship program is ideal for highly functioning men who have done

some healing and emotional work.

Do you wish to more deeply heal sexual issues and engage in life in a more full-bodied way

To see if this is a fit for you, book a 15-minute consultation with me.

What are Men saying about working with Katherine... 

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Rahul Sangave,

The Intuitive Digital Marketer 

Katherine has the ability to spot self-defeating, limiting patterns with such precision and clarity at a depth that very few guides are able to reach. She is not a life coach using mind hacks to chase a sense of fulfilment on the horizon.  She is a spotter of truth precisely at the soul level. She guides you to the opening so you can access it directly when it lands. It lands. Life changes when it does. If you believe the inner world is the cause and the external world is the effect, there is no better guide to help you navigate this true empowerment. She meets you at the depths and creates new reference points for you to experience your soul. The result is a richness of life experience that goes way beyond the shallow waters of the physical senses. Katherine awakens the soul and the gifts that you incarnated on this planet to fully express. She is well equipped to guide through the shadows and the light. She does so with honour, integrity, and unconditional love. If you're here to help humanity shift and you're ready to serve,

then don't hide anymore. If you're uncomfortable reading this,

then congratulations, you are

about to break through.

Clint Morgan's testimonial

Clint Morgan 

Founder of Freedompreneurs Collective  

In short, Katherine gets results. She has a way of cutting directly to the truth, that opens up pathways for you to embody more of YOU. I have been on a spiritual journey for several years, yet when I began work with Katherine my growth accelerated in many ways. I was able to connect more deeply with my wife, and tap into deeper levels of abundance and awareness. I was able to distinguish what was important to me in life, and let go of what no longer served me. What would take an hour in a coaching session, Katherine is able to directly access the core in a few moments of speaking with her.  I was sceptical at first to allow a woman to guide me on a masculine path, yet she was able to hold a space that allowed me to develop and heal in ways a masculine presence could not. 

I'd recommend Katherine for men who wish to connect deeper to their true essence and live more authentically from their true selves. Thank you, Katherine!

You have been a huge catalyst

on my journey!

Matt Cone's testimonial

Matt Cone 

Founder of

Studying with Katherine has been the most profound, direct, and life-altering teachings I have ever received. After a decade of traveling the world and seeking high and low for my spiritual home, I have humbly and gratefully arrived. These teachings have no dogma, no hierarchy, no linear structure; they are pure, deep, wholesome and tangible. There a no co-dependency loops on teachers and gurus, rather an invitation to journey into our own sacred wisdom and each discover our individual keys for healing and awakening. Katherine as mentor and guide on this path is not only embodied but also a living example of this ancient lineage,

truly walking her talk.

My sense is each soul seeking their truth will come across other souls at the perfect moment that can bring light and awareness to the next stage of the journey. I met Katherine at such a stage. Her ability to bring me to the present, and hold me there firmly and gently, has allowed me to pierce and heal layers that I was not aware of. As a male, I feel that she has been able to support my healing of the feminine wounds I carry.

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