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Katherine is masterful at teaching you how to unlock the body’s natural technology, enabling emotions to become powerful allies, creativity and insights to flow with more ease, and an increased capacity for love. She has given me priceless tools and guidance, enabling me to hold space for thousands of people, channel the power of my emotions into creativity and insight, and even connect with my two young daughters in new and profound ways. I am forever grateful for her sharp perception and fearless dedication to helping me uncover the truth of who I am.


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Katherine was the most influential person of my year. Her course answered a long time yearning to grow and be met in a rarefied depth of embodied Feminine priestess training. It not only defined my year, but changed my life. Katherine embodies a refined Divine Feminine radiance, and deep womb presence rare on the planet today. She wields a fiercely loving sword of precision, as well as has the grace of heart that can beckon the most delicate of soul fragments from the darkest far-reaching dimensional corners. The level of service she is doing with those whom she works with is breathtaking. She truly has been a Soul midwife for me, and I am forever grateful.


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Katherine has been my teacher and guide for the last four years. What I love about her is the way she lives a sincere and potent expression of grace, humility, and devotion. Katherine offers a tender invitation to come into a deep, divine intimacy with ourselves and the mystery that weaves inside. In doing so we begin to empty all the hurts, wounding and armoring that we hold.


What unfolded for me in the process is a more authentic expression of who I innately am. In the safe, deep container Katherine holds, I have learnt to bring those parts of myself closer, meet them with humilty, and welcome them back into wholeness. I would recommend her work to all those seeking to find a more authentic and potent expression of themselves. Whilst it takes courage to step into this space, once your'e in it is so intoxicatingly beautiful and safe.


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Katherine's presence and the tools she has taught and shared over the many years I have been studying with her have TRANSFORMED my life. I have softened my defenses and learned to hold myself through the challenges of life. Her capacity to hold sacred and nurturing space is unmatched by other teachers and guides I have experienced. I have done a lot of personal deveolopment and working with Katherine has by far had the most profound impact on my life. I am grateful for new ways of knowing myself and engaging in a more meaningful life.


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Katherine has always empowered me so deeply with my own souls growth. In my darkest times, I have been able to have a trusted guide there to not just lead me through, but show me how, so I can find that fire in myself to continue my journey.

Katherine has always been able to see right through me to places I can't even see.  The love she brings to this space is truly what has helped me reveal my vulnerability, and  feel totally safe to unravel whatever it is that is keeping me stuck.

Working with Katherine online and in person has been such a great gift for me on my journey. The depth with which she is able to see me is a testament to not only her intuition and her ability to see clairvoyantly, but also her incredible compassion and love for each soul that she works with.

Working with Katherine has helped me move through challenging times in my life with speed, as I have been able to drop into the core of what has been holding me back and move through it quickly finding direction, and tools to keep going.



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In short, Katherine gets results. She has a way of cutting directly to the truth, that open up pathways for you to embody more of YOU. I have been on a spiritual journey for several years, yet when I began work with Katherine my growth accelerated in many ways. I was able to connect more deeply with my wife, tap into deeper levels of abundance and awareness. I was able to distinguish what was important to me in life, and let go of what no longer served me. 


What would take an hour in a coaching session, Katherine is able to directly access the core in a few moments of speaking with her. I was skeptical at first to allow a woman to guide me on a masculine path, yet she was able to hold a space that allowed me to develop and heal in ways a masculine presence could not. I'd recommend Katherine and her work to women and men who wish to connect deeper to their true essence, and live more authentically from their true self. Thank you Katherine! You have been a huge catalyst on my journey!


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Working with Katherine was an absolute gift! I can say sincerely that her True Sisterhood Retreat changed the trajectory of my life. From the moment we met,  I felt drawn to Katherine's wisdom and embodied presence, and I was blown away at the level of transformation we were able to experience within her sacred container. She guided our retreat with impeccability, intuition, and leadership that stems from deep commitment to service. The whole experience, while challenging and raw, was wrapped in grace, ease, and flow. Her work is real and very powerful. If you feel the nudge to invest in the evolution of your soul, I highly recommend spending time with this wise woman.

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As a nurse-midwife, having practiced for over 10 years in hospitals, birth centers and attending home births, I see a great need for women to get the kind of emotional and spiritual support that acknowledges their role and the spirit of the baby in their womb.  There is no better preparation for a new baby than to clear out any emotional baggage that prevents us from living according to love.  There are many tools in society today that we have to address personal emotional and spiritual health and relationship health, and pregnancy is a great motivator towards a healthier lifestyle and relationship.


I believe the womb practices guided by Katherine to be one of the most powerful tools available in establishing ourselves as women as the most fully evolved, powerful, vulnerable, open, and loving vehicles to guide a soul into their place on Earth.  This is our divine gift and right as women, and these practices offer ancient feminine wisdom for the emotional and spiritual support of all souls involved the birthing of a child.  I believe there is nothing more important.  The earlier women establish themselves in love and their Shakti, ideally before they conceive, the greater their capacity for deeper love and freedom in all areas of their childbirth and childrearing.


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I have been searching spiritually for the last 20 years, and have longed for a path where I can deepen into my feminine source, and that includes working deeply with emotions, opening my heart and body to the Source within and be guided by a real teacher that has a fully lived experience of what they are teaching.

I have found Katherine Zorensky and her work to fullfill these wishes, and much more. Katherine is a wonderful teacher, who knows every landscape in the journey of feminine awakening intimately, both its holes and pitfalls and its jewels and treasures. She is able to be there for you every step of the way. The journey is not easy, but has great rewards. Be prepared to be deeply challenged and dive into your deeper wounds that needs to be felt for you to truly evolve and come to a more intimate feeling of infinite love and knowing your souls abundance of gifts. Katherine guides you through these landscapes, with an extreme directness and clarity - held with huge love and unwavering focus on helping your soul grow and bloom.


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The retreat was beyond my imagination. I did not have any expectations going other than my hope that I would leave transformed. It was the most intense and soul reaching work I have ever done. I am so deeply grateful for Katherine’s guidance and wisdom to help me get to the depths of my wounds and soul recovery. I left the retreat feeling a deeper connection to my womb, to the earth, to the Divine and my sisters. I left forever changed. I love this work and am so grateful to have found it.


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Katherine has the ability to spot self-defeating, limiting patterns with such precision and clarity at a depth that very few guides are able to reach. She is not a life coach using mind hacks to chase a sense of fulfillment on the horizon.  She is a spotter of truth precisely at the soul level. She guides you to the opening so you can access it directly when it lands. It lands. Life changes when it does. If you believe the inner world is the cause and the external world is the effect, there is no better guide to help you navigate this true empowerment. She meets you at the depths and creates new reference points for you to experience your soul. The result is a richness of life experience that goes way beyond the shallow waters of the physical senses. Katherine awakens the soul and the gifts that you incarnated on this planet to fully express. She is well equipped to guide through the shadows and the light. She does so with honor, integrity, and unconditional love. If you're here to help humanity shift and your'e ready to serve, then don't hide anymore. If your'e uncomfortable reading this, then congratulations, you are about to break through.


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I am infinitely grateful to Katherine for holding such a supportive and safe container for this work. She boldly leads us into a space of ruthless honesty and integrity, with her sword-like discernment and compassionate sharing of truth. Katherine has gone above and beyond in her dedication to be of service to me, our group, and all humanity. I honestly feel like she may be the one soul on earth who has shown me the true meaning of love.


Katherine embodies pure love for all. Her passion for this work is unprecedented. You will feel her power and love in such balance, a safe container for your deepest wounds and deepest passions. She has razor sharp clarity and intuition. A truly healed womb and healed heart and she lives from her soul and wears her heart on her sleeve. You will feel her as an expanded vast womb, full of possibility, full of love, full of joy and indeed bliss. You will feel safe and held. Her presence mirrors to you what is possible for you. I have experienced her as powerfully balanced in  feminine and masculine, a desirable inner marriage. As a guide, her love, her clarity and humility is beautiful.  If you are humble and willing to receive guidance, your growth will shock you.


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Studying with Katherine has been the most profound, direct and life-altering teachings I have ever received. After a decade of traveling the world and seeking high and low for my spiritual home, i have humbly and gratefully arrived. These teachings have no dogma, no hierarchy, no linear structure; they are pure, deep, wholesome and tangible. There is no co-dependency loops on teachers and gurus, rather an invitation to journey into our own sacred wisdom and each discover our individual keys for healing and awakening. Katherine as mentor and guide on this path is not only embodied, but also a living example of this ancient lineage, truly walking her talk.


My sense is each soul seeking their truth will come across other souls at the perfect moment that can bring light and awareness of the next stage of the journey. I met Katherine at such a stage. Her ability to bring me to presence, hold me there firmly and gently, has allowed me to pierce and heal layers that I was not aware of. As a male, I feel that she has been able to support my healing of the feminine wounds I carry.


I was extremely hesitate around signing up for another online forum as in the past i had a tendency to lose steam and engagement in these open and airy containers… I had such a strong YES to this work that I signed up out of faith and desire, and i found just the opposite to be true. Katherine holds a sound and safe container for profound and deep openings and sharing. The forum became my favorite hang out spot, instantly connecting with each and every woman sharing the space. I have been more honest, open and transparent in this forum then in my own journals. Katherine has a strong presence on the forum, always sharing Truth and what the soul needs to evolve to the next place. She is an embodied woman, mother and with sincere devotion and dedication leads by experience and example. I am consistently humbled by her strength, humility, and mother-like embrace. She will be direct and firm when needed and also hold one like a mother holds a sobbing child.. a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine.


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Katherine is the type of teacher you seek when you are ready to do the real work of awakening; when you are ready to drop the bullshit; when you are ready to stop chasing the empty promises of the mainstream psuedo-spirituality; and when you are ready to finally get down to the real work of awakening. Katherine is a devoted teacher who will passionately stand by your side, serving as a loving guide, using her ferocious love and dedication to the path of feminine awakeing to help you see the deeper truth of who you really are. For those who are ready to take their spiritual work to the next level, and who are willing to go far beyond where most other teachers could take you--I highly recommend working with Katherine.

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This course has been a tipping point in my life in every aspect. I have learned to love myself, including my shadow. I have learned that I heal by embracing, feeling, accepting, giving space within myself for all that is arising. I learned about the importance of showing myself as I am, with everything I bring, because that creates intimacy in a relationship and I love that. I feel that now I have the discernment and tools to continue evolving in truth and love. I honor Katherine for her wisdom, love and impeccability in holding this container.


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Studying with Katherine I experienced profound transformation in my life. I have been working under her guidance since then. Through her teachings and deeply held sacred containers, I have been able to embody and live from more of my essence. 


Katherine is a true teacher in that she guides by example, inviting each of us to take full responsibility for our own awakening, and finding our own answers. In her sensually powerful feminine way, she asks us to step into our true service. She is an incredible embodiment of the Feminine in her absolute beauty, strength, and dedication to love and she wields it powerfully!


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