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Technology of Love 

A bi-monthly hour long virtual meeting for Prayer, Practice, and Presence.


This circle is open to men and women.


Welcome to our bi-monthly

Prayer, Practice, and Presence Circle! 

Prayer is simply opening to the goodness of who we are.  Prayer is resting in our natural state while communing through our voice, our body, the movement of our essence as feeling. Prayer unlocks a deeply multi-dimensional relationship and exchange within our experience.

Practice is a ritual means of exploring and becoming more intimate with the contours of our inner experience. Through applying the alchemy and intelligence of our electro-magnetic tantric circuitry, we discover more of our wholeness. 


Presence is how full we are in our moment. Presence is determined by our sense of safety, freedom from our conditions and trauma, and our desire to be intimate

with our experience.

As we engage in prayer and practice time together, we open up a larger field of safety, interconnection, and capacity for transformation.

This membership circle is an ongoing means of touching in, remembering, and sharing the larger access to who and what we are,

both as individuals and as a collective.



What this Monthly Membership includes:

 2 Calls (Full and New Moon). 

Calls last one hour.


Virtual, via Zoom 

(live participation only)


4 am CET / 7 pm PT 

Each month that you subscribe, you will receive an email

with the month's schedule and the link to join Live.

Monthly Schedules:

November: 15th, 27th *(14th, 26th Pacific Time)

December: 13th, 27th *(12th, 26th Pacific Time)


This membership is open to men and women.


Monthly Membership

Join us for $47 a month!

(pay month by month)

This is a wonderful way to join our community and feel how this work may support you in your life through inspiration, connection, transformation, and realization.

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