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Technology of Love Guide

Birthing a conscious culture is my passion. I am a certified midwife and I am a soul midwife - facilitating the birthing of our Awakening.

In my 20s, I was living in community at the Mount Madonna Center in California, studying yoga under Baba Hari Dass. From there, I became a doula, then a labor and delivery nurse, then a Certified Nurse-Midwife. Over the course of 14 years, I also managed a private homebirth midwifery practice in Hawaii. 

I have given birth to two children of my own. I have also given birth to Gaiayoga Gardens, a flourishing intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Presently, I am deeply and passionately engaged in supporting the 'birthing' process of peoples' conscious awakening, and providing safe containers for women to join me in birthing themselves into wholeness and connection with their Essential Self. 

I have been studying with Katherine for over five years. I claim the lineage of Mary Magdalene and choose to embody the divine love/wisdom that comes through the activations, meditations and prayers that are part of this lineage. 

As my embodiment has deepened through this lineage, I have come to know the importance of being connected to our soul, in alignment and integrity with all of life. I provide a safe, nurturing container where women can resolve and integrate the stories of the past with their newer understanding of their soul and their True Essence revealed. In this space, we are held, we witness, we are witnessed. We experience ourselves deeply in the loving compassion of our hearts, supported both by the lineage and by the field we create through our intentions and presence.

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