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Masculine Embodiment Course


A 13 week Virtual Course for Men


Transmitted and Facilitated by

Katherine Zorensky & Adam Gainsburg


The journey begins January 30th, 2024

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Are you missing that biting aliveness born from living on your edge of purpose and passion?
Have you reached a plateau in your sexual expression?
Have you become trapped in your role of husband, partner, father, provider?
Do you find yourself continually recreating the same patterns in relationship, in work, unable to shift them?

The Mars Gates Course delivers both the ground and the path to alchemically merge the radical wisdom of your Heart, the limitless faculty of your Mind and the inextinguishable power of your Hara.

​The Mars Gates Course is a full activation of your male sexual circuitry as your entire body’s innate intelligence in service to your timeless soul. Through deep inner tantric practices and potent live Heart & Shadow™ facilitation, this course offers an unprecedented and complete means to embody your next level of aliveness, truth and love as your very purpose.

The Mars Gates intelligence is an ancient tantric map of masculine sexual circuitry as the interface with a man’s soul consciousness. The physical landmarks of the anus, prostate, testes, lingam, hara, heart and third eye each grant specific access to a unique circuit of innately flowing Shakti. This Shakti becomes distorted by conditioning, trauma, and ancestral patterning.


When the Gates are opened and cleared through the precise intelligence of these tantric practices, they allow a man's pure vitality to express his innermost design into the world. Modern, high-level coaching, sex tantra methods, meditative techniques and chakra hacks do not access the profound depth of love, wisdom and aliveness innate and unique in every man… they don’t fundamentally evolve a man’s consciousness throughout his human body.

Through exploration of the Mars Gates a man is catalyzed to discover his unconditioned Heart, his visionary consciousness, his endogenous connection with the Earth and Sky, and the depth of his vulnerability. This is why the ancient eastern tradition of Tantra in old Egypt, Tibet and India utilized sexual energy in the body for ultimate,  complete realization.


​Your Heart is the portal between the vastness of your Being and your visceral human experience (all of it).

Your Shadow is the facet of you (from birth) that blocks the fulfillment of your life's purpose...that you carry in every cell.  Shadow is never something that has happened to you. It is the evolutionary initiation into all true embodied realization.

Heart & Shadow™ work is a direct and proven method to root you back into the center of your Being through your direct, awakened Feeling experience in the heart. It cuts through every concept, false security, and entrenched defense you are ready to expose to yourself. It catalyzes all the vitality of your genuine Feelings to activate through your newly-opened and embodied sexual circuitry.


  • Men ready to fully engage their innate sexuality in service to their true nature.


  • Men ready to evolve into the next octave of their Purpose, Power, and Passion.

  • Men with experience in transformational work.


  • Through supervised engagement of ancient tantric practices that catalyze sexual energy in service to embodied awakening unique to men.

  • Through Heart & Shadow facilitation that works to integrate eastern tantric science into the western embodied psyche.

  • Through a strong container of dedicated course mates sharing authentically and meeting themselves with radical honesty.


  • Learn how to shift the stuck points of your outer life by doing the inner work.

  • Learn practices to ground and grow your inner access to the power, potency, and precision of your embodied male wisdom. 

  •  Be inspired and challenged in a circle of men matching your desire for more honesty, change, and fullness.

  • Become empowered by knowing and experiencing yourself in ways you never imagined.

  • Leave with a collection of practices you can return to anytime to rekindle or reconnect with your innate vitality.



Client feedback...

"Katherine has the ability to spot self-defeating, limiting patterns with such precision and clarity at a depth that very few guides are able to reach. She is not a life coach using mind hacks to chase a sense of fulfilment on the horizon.  She is a spotter of truth precisely at the soul level. She guides you to the opening so you can access it directly when it lands. It lands. Life changes when it does. If you believe the inner world is the cause and the external world is the effect, there is no better guide to help you navigate this true empowerment. She meets you at the depths and creates new reference points for you to experience your soul. The result is a richness of life experience that goes way beyond the shallow waters of the physical senses. Katherine awakens the soul and the gifts that you incarnated on this planet to fully express. She is well equipped to guide through the shadows and the light. She does so with honour, integrity, and unconditional love. If you're here to help humanity shift and you're ready to serve,

then don't hide anymore. If you're uncomfortable reading this, then congratulations, you are about to break through."  --Rahul Sangave

“My work with Adam has unlocked both the depth and purity of my heart that I never knew were there, that I was secretly terrified of. His absolute commitment to the truth of the heart expressed as real feeling - not energy games or body sensations or agendas of any kind - modeled for me my own passion for being the person i truly, really am. His precision, kindness, fire and patience are such a gift to anyone ready for themselves in their utterly full human experience.” - Bruce K.

“Adam cuts through the bullshit. He is genuinely kind. He is brave and can stand on his own holding space for himself and others to be exactly what they are in that moment. He has tremendous feeling capacity with clearly developed, healthy emotional boundaries.” Tara Aal

“Thanks to Adam, I now know there are dimensions of my divine soul i have access to only through my heart. What a f*****g relief that my mind isn’t the answer.” - SK

Course Details 

The Course Includes 


13 Weeks


January 30th-April 23rd 2024




(all calls recorded, live participation encouraged)



Every Tuesday:

 20-21:30 CET

6-7:30am AEDT

11am-12:30pm PST

9-10:30am HST

Deep Transformative container

of Strong Brotherhood 

Weekly Zoom Sessions for guided practice, teachings, and facilitation

with Katherine and Adam


A Daily Practice Progression 



Registration Fee

200€ ($220)

Registration fee is non refundable and will be deducted from course
fee. Course fee due upon start date, payment plans available upon

Registration deadline is January 7th 2024  
Space is limited. 


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