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Programs & Private Mentorship 

Challenging Leaders, Facilitators, and Changemakers to refine their Passion, Power, and Purpose






A 3 month Virtual Course for Women 


This course is for women ready for a deeper connection to their feminine essence through embodying their soul sexuality. This results in more intimacy, connection, impact, and purpose in their lives. Sexuality is our connection to our true nature. When we purify and open ourselves through the process of authentic tantra (internally) we connect more directly with our innate design that includes abundance, fulfillment, and expression of our desires.

This course runs three times a year. Application required. 

The next course starts on July 3rd,  2022. 





A High Level 6 month Private Mentorship

for Men and Women 


Are you ready to claim your potency, your passion,

and your place in the world?


Sexuality is the current that carried your consciousness into this life. It is also one of the interfaces of your soul with your physical body. This is why the ancient eastern tradition of Tantra utilized sexual energy in the body

for the ultimate alchemy of realization.

These journeys usually last up to 6 months and they drastically change the meaning, depth, and trajectory of your life. They empower you with the capacity to embrace the medicine showing up in your life as a challenge. They clarify your voice and your creative expression into tangible purpose and service. They bring you deeply into the intelligence of your sensuality, your passion, your bliss. And they unpack some of the deepest held patterns and sticky points in relationships.

Application required, openings based on availability.





A Series of four Powerful 'Soul Surgery' Meetings 

Are you facing a recurring challenge in life that you can't seem to shift?

Do you need a deep reset on perspective and purpose?

Are you feeling disconnected in your sexuality, your vitality,

and your ability to be intimate with life and love?


Private Sessions are the perfect safe container to dive deep and get to the causal level of what is limiting you from being more present in your life. With a powerful combination of breathwork, tantric circuitry work, shamanic journeying, and insight counselling, we will get to the cause of anything that is keeping

you from less than being your authentic self.


These sessions allow us to go deep into your emotional, ancestral, karmic, and energetic limitations to free up your life force and open to new possibilities.  These powerful 'soul surgery' meetings are life-course altering and powerfully realigning with the joy and connection with your soul. They are offered to women and men, in a series of four for maximum transformational progress. 

Book a free 15 min call with Katherine and start your process of transformation today! 


What Clients Say

"This is the most significant investment I have made in myself and my journey." - ML