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By being with what is, we release more of what is not, and we become more of who we are.

Next workshop: October 15th, 2023

Human Being

Join me for a facilitated group experience
that invites us nakedly into pure presence.
Through the lens of our bodies and feeling
we can choose to experience reality simply
as it is arising in the moment.

Here there is space for our history to arise and be felt and blessed. We also feel our courage to remain still in the not knowing of who we are beyond our conditioned framework of reality. 


Human Being is a powerful container to face yourself in the most honest revealing of how ready you are to experience the love that you are. This love arises in all forms of feeling and anchors us into our full embodied humanity. 

Results of 'logging time' in this powerful embodied space of presence is...

* spontaneous trauma healing

* subconscious shadow aspects revealed and unified

* powerful group field transformation

* anchoring the love (in many octaves/expressions) more fully

in your felt experience

This experience is open to all levels of embodiment and experience with eastern tantra, and for men and women. Must be a current or prior participant in courses or sessions with Katherine.


Next Workshops:


October 15th

November 12th

December 17th

January 14th

TIME: 07:00 - 10:00 PT / 

             16:00 - 19:00 CET


WHERE:  Zoom Meeting 

( Workshop Zoom Call lasts 3 hours) 

The most direct bridge to embodying our essence is through feeling. The Portals and Gates work I have shared for the last decade grants deeper entrance into the more subconscious imprints and access to feeling through our sexual circuitry. The work has now moved to the next level as I am including more direct experience in what is naturally arising in our experience (true tantra). When we make ourselves available to this, with out directing our life force through practice or intent, there is an organic and multidimensional access that opens, through our human vulnerability and honest embracing of what is.

This work is incredibly direct and profound. Opening to it in a circle with others supports and strengthens our availability to ourselves and our capacity to stay in the center of our experience. This, when we stay and allow is the internal alchemy that opens us to the wisdom and vitality held

in the initiation of our emotions.

In the Human Being circle, we get to be honest about what is arising for us, not as story from our past or projection into future. We get to be honest in naming where we are in any given moment. This level of honesty enables a spaciousness and permission for reality to relax into it's 'what-isness.' And it is here we become available to different choices, different knowing of ourselves, and if we are courageous, the invitation to step into a paradigm that we have not known.

This is where the true transformation takes place.


Investment: 222 euros

To register, please email

Andrea Tetsimonial .png

"Katherine, your intimate and elegantly powerful Human Being circle is a blessing for anyone who chooses to be present for what is available in this space.

Your devotion to your own Human Being is mirrored in the way the wisdom of each participant self-arises within their own timing and love. The gracious and effortless support naturally generated when we witness
each other in vulnerability never ceases to open me. I honor your wisdom-power and discerning facilitation within this organic and much-needed space. 🙏"

- Andrea Michelle Haeckel, Precious Human Birth

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