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The Technology

of Love


Activate the feminine love, wisdom, and power through your Body’s innate intelligence.


Emotion is a catalyst for magic. The emotions of fear, guilt, anger, grief, envy, and shame are each an entry point into the tender human fabric of existence. When we enter them with curiosity, they open us to our innate bliss, power, love, and connection.


The innate mechanism for this magic is held in our bodies, in the connection between our womb or Hara and our hearts. As we embrace each of our tender experiences of being human in this internal technology, we harmonize the tension of suffering into the spaciousness of presence.

Are you in a major life transition needing a handrail to guide you forward in a way that is lead by your own design?


Weekly Newsletter

with inspiration, current cosmic influences, and grounded guidance for staying connected to your own internal guidance system amidst challenging times. The newsletter also includes questions to provoke deeper inquiry into areas of your life that may need attention.

Monthly Podcasts

  highlighting topics from embodiment, astrology, relationship, parenting, birthing, sexuality, and enlightenment. Podcasts will be conversations between myself and other leading guides and teachers recognized in their respective fields.

Weekly Audio

meditation to help you orient and anchor to the true references of the earth, the cosmos, and your elemental world. This meditation will sharply bring into focus a capacity to navigate and prioritize in a life based on what is most meaningful and true for you.

Two Monthly Gatherings

via zoom for teachings, questions and answer, and an opportunity to dip into the connection of community amidst challenging times. These gatherings will happen around the new and full moon each month.



“I have been searching spiritually for the last 20 years, and have longed for a path where I can deepen into my feminine source, and that includes working deeply with emotions, opening my heart and body to the Source within and be guided by a real teacher that has a fully lived experience of what they are teaching.”


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