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Embodying a New Template of Union

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Virtual Activation Series Astrology and Tantra
July 12-July 21, 2021

(Open to men and women)

When Venus and Mars come together on July 13th, we have an opportunity to soften the boundaries between Love and Strife in our deep hearts. We will be invited to loosen the framework of our inner narratives and establish ourselves in our own ground of Power in order to live the union of "heaven and earth."

What happened last time Mars and Venus met up? What is the importance of them meeting so close to each other in the sky (by longitude *and* latitude)? What does the dwarf planet Eris have to do with any of this?

We'll dive into the astrology/astronomy for context and then be lead into potent portal practices to excavate and activate what we're ready to ignite and receive in Love.

Many, many cycles are ending and beginning during this period of great transition and upheaval. Coming together with other hearts committing to deep transformation in sacred play is a richly rewarding experience, multiplying the field of possibility manyfold.


Join Womb Shaman Katherine Zorensky and

Astrologer Andrea Michelle Kennedy (more about Andrea)

in a powerful activation series utilizing these cosmic alignments to support a deeper surrender into truth and love through the body and soul.

In this three part activation journey you will receive

~3 live zoom calls with astrological alignment insights, a tantric practice activation, and group sharing

~a personal practice to continue daily as you desire to deepen your transformative experience

~an ongoing forum support for sharing your individual process and the capacity to receive further guidance

~An opportunity to more connect with and embody your inner feminine and masculine through tantric alchemy and cosmic atunement.


This potent activation will be lead by Katherine and Andrea Michelle. Their combined embodied wisdom in eastern tantric spiritual science (tantra) and a relationship with the living sky create a powerful container to support you in your deeper unification of the masculine and feminine principles within. As we delve deeply into the sexual circuitry in connection with the natural alignments from the cosmos we align ourselves to an evolutionary capacity that accelerates our embodiment in a graceful and direct way. This work is for those who have an existing practice of self inquiry and depth of capacity to feel their emotions as an entry into deeper embodiment. These activations are best suited for those able take responsibility for their experience during times of deep emotional release.


Live Calls:

July 12th 6:00pm HST, 9:00pm PST, 6:00am CEST

July 16th 9am HST, 12pm PST, 9pm CEST

July 21st 6pm HST, 9pm PST, 6am CEST

All Calls will be recorded for those that can not attend live. These group activations are a potent and powerful support to your individual journey in consciousness at a very potent time. 

Cost $222

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