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Healing Abortions & Miscarriages



A 2 part Virtual Workshop for Women 


The choice we make to abort a fetus is one that impacts us on

so many levels of body, soul, and psyche.

The process of a life-ending is a destructive process, and when not held in a safe container can create destruction in relationships, our bodies, and our self esteem and capacity to feel what it is we want and need. It brings us directly in contact with our mortality, our power as a sentient being to give or take life, and the power lurking in our shadow to stay in the darkness of despair. From nature’s perspective, there is no right choice or wrong choice, only the result of how our choice brings us closer or further from the truth of who we are.

Healing our abortions and miscarriages can be a means of coming into deeper contact with our internal creative circuitry, more connection to the wisdom of our bodies emerging through released numbness of trauma,

and a way of unlocking the power held in our shadow.


May 21st & 28th, 2023. 



Feminine Embodiment Course



A 3-month Virtual Course for Women 


This course is for women ready for a deeper connection to their feminine essence through embodying their soul sexuality. This results in more intimacy, connection, impact, and purpose in their lives. Sexuality is our connection to our true nature. When we purify and open ourselves through the process of authentic tantra (internally) we connect more directly with our innate design that includes abundance, fulfillment, and expression of our desires.

This course runs twice a year. 


The next course starts on July 3rd 2023. 





an experience that invites us nakedly into pure presence


Human Being is a facilitated group experience that invites us nakedly into pure presence. Through the lens of the heart and hara/womb we choose to experience reality simply as it is arising in the moment. Here there is space for our history to arise and be felt and blessed. We also feel our courage to remain still in the not knowing of who we are beyond our conditioned framework of reality. 


Human Being is a powerful container to face yourself in the most honest revealing of how ready you are to experience the love that you are. This love arises in all forms of feeling and anchors us into our full embodied humanity. 


This introductory experience is open to all levels, men and women and will give you a taste of the new modality Human Being I am utilizing

in my tantric embodiment work. 


The next workshop is on May 21st, 2023.





An Activation Series for Women and Men


This is a series of 5 recorded calls illuminating through teachings and transmission 5 different emanations of Shakti in her natural arising process through our bodies and our experience. Shakti is the union of our sexual energy and our essence or soul, in service to love. Her aliveness winds her way through us, revealing the next frontier of where we can awaken more to ourselves and to love. Shakti is the guiding principle of the feminine. She is brutal, unyielding and excruciatingly impersonal in her quest to reveal and expose every last place within us where we are not surrendered to life.

This activation is for those wishing strengthen their own internal guidance system to navigate life and important choice points from a their soul's wisdom. It is informative, inspiring,

and activating on all levels of body and mind.

Visit the Shop page to find out more and to purchase it. 

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An Activation Series for Women and Men

Abundance is our birthright.


It is what we feel on every level of our being, physical, emotional, and spiritual when we are open and engaged with life. When we are moving through periods of lack, we are asked to delve into the deeper subconscious pockets where we still hold emotions and beliefs around separation and fear. This is most honestly found through the body’s electromagnetic circuitry.

In this powerful Activation Series, you receive teachings and practices that support this gentle and profound opening in your body and soul, allowing more vitality and life force to flow through you and all areas of your life.

Visit the Shop page to find out more and to purchase it. 

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