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Realizing Relationship through

the Couples Crucible 

Couple's crucible

‘The highest form of spiritual practice, for those of us who aspire to create Heaven on Earth, are our relationships with one another.’ - Andrew Cohen

Realizing relationship is uncovering the underlying threads of interconnection that weave us into our place in partnership, community, and the world.


Realizing relationship is an in-depth discovery of how to tend to, clarify,

and exalt these tender threads in intimate partnership

through the medium of sacred sexuality.


The way we presence, show up, and remain available for ourselves and in intimate relationship is a symbolic representation of how we engage with our larger communities, our dharma, and our life path.


When we choose to embark on the journey of realization in the crucible

with ‘sacred other,’ we choose to uncover the still remaining places

of separation within our experience, as well as strengthen our resilience

and capacity to love even more deeply.


Relationship for the purpose of “realization,” is a monogamous container between two individuals that becomes a sacred crucible for
seeing ourselves through the reflection of other.

In knowing ourselves,  we inherently understand and honor the interconnection with others and our world. When this interconnection is embodied through our somatic openness and engagement, we have access to the creative flow, love, abundance, and the expression of our purpose in the world to support the evolution of humanity. In this way, now more than ever relationships are an essential part of our creation of
a new sustainable paradigm of human life.

Our life force, or sexual energy flows when we feel a ground of trust, and a desire

to share our love. Within the container of a sacred sexual relating, Our sexual energy becomes the fuel to propel us through the many facets of illusion and fragmentation,

into the clarity of illumination and embodiment.

A private couples crucible container consists of a series of four sessions on zoom with personal/shared practice in between sessions. Both individuals need to have a desire to journey deeper into the authentic nature of themselves, and their connection.


Expect to emerge on the other side more clear about the relationship, more connected to yourself and

each other, and with tools to continue to deepen

grow in intimacy and your sexuality.

To see if this is a fit for you, book a 15-minute consultation with me.

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