This weekly virtual class is a 60 minute powerful womb consciousness activation. It will nourish your endocrine system, regenerate and clarify your shakti, and bring you deeper into your womb/heart center and soul. Each class will be inspired by current astrological transits and moon cycles to utilized the cosmic influences to encourage your own unfolding deeper into harmony.

Join our powerful container of evolving consciousness through womb presence. This space is truly soul nourishing, heart clarifying, and helps you navigate your life, week after week from a blooming Source point of love, wisdom, and power. This is a monthly membership.


Next cycle begins February 2nd, 2021.

Calls every Tuesday10:30 am HST

open to all levels

$108 per month

Virtual Weekly Yoga Class and Teaching
on Womb Consciousness

Are you starving for more feminine nourishment, receptivity, and inspiration? Do you want to feel more anchored in your inner guidance, knowing, and clarity? Do you want to feel more connected to the magic and synchronicity of life?
Do you weekly ritual to bring more pleasure, more juice, more creativity into your life?


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