"This is the most significant investment I have made in myself and my journey." ML

Private Sessions


Are you facing a recurring challenge in life that you can't seem to shift? Do you need a deep reset on perspective and purpose? Are you feeling disconnected in your sexuality, your vitality, and your ability to be intimate with life and love? Private Sessions are the perfect safe container to dive deep and get to the causal level of what is limiting you from being more present in your life. With a powerful combination of breath work, tantric circuitry work, shamanic journeying, and insight counseling, we will get to the cause of anything that is keeping you from less than being your authentic self.

250 Euros




Monthly Shamanic Mentorship (6-9 months)


Are you wanting your own personal shamanic coach that helps you fully claim the capacity to manifest the reality you want? Are you ready for a total reset into your soul's true design, and a remembrance of your place and part at this most poignant time in history? Do you want a specific embodiment curriculum designed for you that combines tantric practices, shadow work, and reality hacks that dissolve any separation between your soul and the life you are living?

1000 Euros monthly




Private sessions with Katherine are available for men and women. 

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