TOL Level I
Activating the Sacred Portals
3 Month Online Course for women

Do you want to feel a more direct connection to Source? Do you want to access more love, power, and wisdom through your body? Do you want to activate your Kundalini, Shakti in a way that is powerful yet gentle?


This course is the first phase of remembering, re-awakening your sensuality, your pleasure, and your emotional expression through the intimate wisdom of your body. Each week you will notice your body feeling more connected to your soul, deep pain thawing and releasing, and the feeling of more joy and pleasure. You will learn the tools to transform your emotions into powerful energy that brings creativity and connection. And as your Shakti, or pure life force becomes activated and refined through the practices you will feel it animate your life with the love and brilliance of your essence. 


In this course you will receive:

~The Venus Pentagrams progressive practice that activates and opens the feminine portals in connection to the Venus Frequency or the Divine Feminine Frequency.

~Personalized support on an online private forum to guide you deeper into understanding emotional alchemy and how it supports living from your soul.

~Weekly zoom calls held in a deep, sacred, and potent space to help your body and soul return to it's natural remembrance of bliss, peace, beauty.

~The keys to anchoring more in an embodied soul-centered perspective and tools for how to translate this into a powerful and meaningful life.

Course included weekly zoom calls, online forum, and daily practices. We begin January 6, 2021 and end March 31st 2021. All calls recorded for those who can not attend live. Calls times determined by individual guides.

$222 month ($666 total)

 Course led by Melekai                                                                       Course led by Mischa