Virtual Retreat
December 14-16th and 21-23rd 2020
(open to men and women)

Want to feel the divine spark of life force coursing through your body?

Are you ready to let life move through you, instead of you moving your life?

Do you want to move from a healing paradigm into a whole-some existence?

Are you ready to truly claim your Humanity in connection to your Spirituality?

Join Fabiana Sacca and Katherine Zorensky for a two part virtual retreat over the most powerful time portals of 2020. This retreat is open to men and women who are ready to digest the medicine of 2020 and move boldly into 2021 anchored in their soul’s design. Our soul, in it’s pure blueprint holds the key for the full embodiment of our purpose, our passions, and our potential. 


This virtual retreat will be a carefully constructed bridge that will enable you to let go the past stories, beliefs, attitudes and demands you have placed on life. We will dive deep into the causal level of the soul, and through deep presence and embrace we will honor the needs and desires that still require our attention. Once this ‘house keeping’ is completed we can move forward into 2021 ready to co-create life in alignment with our deeply human experience and our spiritual expression. 


Fabiana and Katherine have individually and collaboratively been teaching embodiment through the tantric path for decades. Their unified combination of feminine depth, fierce love, and conscious clarity makes for a powerful container that enables transformation and transmission into the field of embodied unity consciousness. We hope you will join the wave as we ride into 2021 empowered to co-create a life of love, abundance, and purpose!


You Will Receive...

~ 6 days of live prayer, traditional tantric practices, deep insight transmission, and question and answer sessions. 

~We use the state of our humanity-it's longing, needs, and emotions to guide us deeper into the soul. This is not a path of transcendence, but of deep embrace. Through our humanity we know our divinity.

~First session over a powerful Solar Eclipse. When we work with the tantric circuitry over an eclipse window, the magnetic imprints of our wounding and karmic patterns loosen, allowing opportunity for new patterns to emerge. After this profound reset, you can more clearly move forward from the pure expression of your soul beyond your wounding and ancestral limitation.

~Second Session over the Solstice Solstice portal will utilize our body's connection through womb/hara presence to Galactic Center and the Sun. This enables you to connect with an authentic knowing of Source, through your own body. This alignment brings you deeper into your true internal guidance system, your true north. This will enable clear access to your soul's desires and purpose. 

~This powerful sacred space is open to all levels of embodiment. Advanced practitioners will be met in their depth of inquiry and beginners will entrain to a deeper level of Soul Embodiment through the collective field.



~December 14th-16th 6am-8am PDT and 10am-12pm PDT

~December 21-23rd 6am-8am PDT and 10am-12pm PDT

~Cost for both sessions is $555, for one session is $333

~Couples discount (for full retreat only) $999

~This offering with be in both English and Spanish

~Open to men and women