Want to feel the divine spark of life force coursing through your body?

Are you ready to let life move through you, instead of you moving your life?

Do you want to move from a healing paradigm into a whole-some existence?

Are you ready to truly claim your Humanity in connection to your Spirituality?

Join Fabiana Sacca and Katherine Zorensky for an ongoing virtual zoom meeting utilizing powerful practice, ritual, and teachings to more deeply know your divine nature through your human experience. 


Fabiana and Katherine have individually and collaboratively been teaching embodiment through the tantric path for decades. Their unified combination of feminine depth, fierce love, and conscious clarity makes for a powerful container that enables transformation and transmission into the field of embodied unity consciousness. We hope you will join the wave as we ride into 2021 empowered to co-create a life of love, abundance, and purpose! This is a monthly membership.

Cost is $108 per month

Starts February 2021

Details coming soon!