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Tantrika, Guide, Shaman, author, doula, and founder of The Technology of Love

As an internationally recognized Womb Shaman and Embodiment Guide, I have been guiding hundreds of women and men into soul embodiment through classical tantra and western shadow work for almost 2 decades. 

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I have been a nature lover and spiritual seeker most of my life. It was my daughter’s birth in the Pacific Ocean that initiated me into a remembrance of the feminine path of awakening. Since then I have traversed, embodied, and taught the many aspects of soulful and sexual embodiment in connection with personal evolution, conscious conception, and new paradigm birthing.

As an internationally recognized Womb Shaman and Embodiment Guide, I have been

guiding hundreds of women and men into soul embodiment through

classical tantra and western shadow work for almost 2 decades. My work is derived from my direct experience of sexuality and birthing, study in traditional tantric lineage with masters, in-depth immersion in western shadow work, and guiding hundreds of people over the last two decades into their body’s wisdom, power, and love.

My latest work, Technology of Love, is a combination of spiritual science, emotional alchemy, and elemental wisdom woven into a powerful method of direct realization.

I am masterful at teaching others how to unlock the body’s natural feeling wisdom, enabling emotions to become powerful allies, creativity, and insights to flow with more ease, and sovereignty through a powerful internal guidance system.

I inspire others to claim their soul’s design and live it in authentic ways that bring beauty, meaning, pleasure, and purpose into their lives.

A brief introduction to how I discovered the feminine mysteries and the inspiration for 
Technology of Love.

More about my journey..

To all my teachers and guides who have helped craft the expression

of who I am today, thank you.


My earliest memories of this life were seeded by the Elemental world.

My mother, the healer, was a pioneer in the return of the wisdom of Natural Medicine. She inspired me to be courageous with my own journey and calling. My father, the artist, invited me into the world of meditation and myth. He guided me to be open-minded and curious about this wonderous world and universe. 

Growing up I felt “at home” in the wilderness.

Many summers were spent with my grandmother immersed in the magic of nature. While camping in Alaska we would explore her mysteries observing the Grizzly bears of Alaska. Here, I began to remember an innate connection to all of Life. Over time I developed a harmonious, devotional, and powerful way of communing. Martial arts training along with Buddhist studies and meditation practice brought me deeper into this way of Being.

I invited others to re-discover, how to re-connect with their natural world.

For 10 years as an international wilderness guide, I was witness to the powerful, transformative healing power of mother nature. As a “vision quest” facilitator, my intuitive skills honed my capacity to guide others on their own internal and external odysseys. It was a gift to witness my student’s courage to self-empower and heal their addictions, their traumas and more deeply connect with their soul identity.

I gained a depth of understanding and mastery by using the body

as a karmic map of the Soul.

Certified as a Rolfer, Cranial Sacral Therapist, and Anusara Yoga Instructor, I ran a successful private practice for 15 years. I gained a depth of understanding of the body as a doorway into the emotional map of the soul. My clients were able to release deep conditioning patterns and awaken a more authentic Self-awareness.

There was more for me to discover within the realms of consciousness.

Desiring to journey deeper, I immersed myself in a Zen monastery and spent the next few years cultivating focus, presence, and mindfulness. Later, I studied for two years with a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Lama. This intensive ‘retreat’ time enabled an activation of consciousness through Elemental Harmony.

It was time to ‘leave the mountain’ and engage with the world in a new way.

In 2009, I gave birth to my daughter in a tide pool off the coast of Big Island, Hawai’i. This was my initiation into the remembrance of the feminine path of awakening through the womb. This event inspired many women to come to Hawaii to pursue ocean birthing as it had been done for millennia. 


In 2014, during the pregnancy and birth of my son, I experienced additional ancient practices that refined my relationship with birthing in a more conscious and connected way. This allowed me to expand my tools to guide both women and men to unlock their own innate design to birth a child, a project,

or a new paradigm of living.

Immersed in this work for decades…transformation was inevitable.

I live, love, and guide students, both virtually and in personally

designed retreats internationally.


My most recent body of work, Technology of Love is a culmination of embodied eastern tantric practices and western trauma and shadow work. Technology of Love has become the next octave and expression of my life’s purpose and passion.


It is my greatest joy to witness others claim a life of embodied living and loving.

If you are someone who seeks the vastness of our human being-ness that IS

our divine intelligence I would love to meet you and share

my purpose, my passion, my love… with you.


Invite me to speak at your next event or your podcast.



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