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Mass Migration
bi monthly zoom call


Weekly Calibration

ongoing women’s circle

Trinity to the North

a series of three sessions


Deep Dive

This container is by far where Katherine does her best most life altering work with others. This 6-9 month one on one private mentorship journey


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Mass Migration: Men and women are welcome to join Katherine for a bi monthly zoom call sharing inspirational insights influenced by current astrological transits, collective challenges, and elemental influences. All of us are riding this human wave together, and though the context and content of our lives may vary, the themes are strikingly similar. Dip in every two weeks to feel uplifted into new ways of seeing and navigating from the wisdom of your human heart and the perfection of your pure soul. Calls recorded if you can’t join live. $27/month


Weekly Recalibration: Ongoing women’s circle to connect, ground, and recalibrate your internal compass to what is most meaningful and true. There is space for individual sharing and reflection from Katherine to offer deeper understanding and engagement with the sticky bits of life. $108/month



Remembering Venus: This three month journey is a gentle yet profound opening into the feminine circuitry that holds both the map of our deepest held pain, and the portal to our pleasure, bliss, and clarity. This course helps to develop the muscle of ‘embrace’ that enables us to alchemize the intensity of our experience into presence. The course utilizes a central practice that activates the internal resonance of Venus. Venus is a planetary body that in it’s orbit creates a circuit that is representative of the golden mean or phi ratio. The phi ration is recognized as the sacred bridge between spirit and matter. The physical form also holds this innate wisdom of the phi ration and by activating this resonance through specific portals, resonance, and intent we synchronize our bodies with the energy of Venus (or Divine Feminine). This recognizes the principle of embodiment being the expression of ‘as above, so below.’ As this resonance is activated the patterns of distortion or wounding gently rise to the surface to be released and the body begins to open into a more integrated connection both with source and with life. 3 Months Next Course Starts October 2020


Activating The Technology of Love: This six month journey delves deep into the 5 portals that articulate the bridge from world to womb, or womb to world. The portals are both the map of union (dissolution) and manifestation (birth). The portals are each connected to aspects of memory (personal, ancestral, and collective), and have their unique flavors of love, wisdom, and power when fully embodied. As the portals are opened and activated a woman becomes more situated in her internal navigational system of guidance that unifies her embodied connection to source with her human expression and connection to the earth.  This journey is a profound exploration of the mystery that lies within our feminine anatomy and holds the secrets of creation not only of babies, but projects, platforms of work, even paradigms. By unlocking this innate technology, one becomes a co-creater with life in all it’s expressions from the most mundane to the most magical. This course is for those that are truly ready to empower themselves with the responsibility shifting their outer experience through inner alchemy. 6 Months Next Course Starts January 2021


Mastery Mentorship: This nine month journey is for women who are ready to move into a deeper level of womb embodiment that reflects both an internal maturity and level of collective responsibility. This deep journey has aspects of healing but is primarily focused on deeper union with earth grids, elemental alchemy, and source connection through galactic center and the portals of the physical body. Each participant will also be supported in brining her own unique expression or platform of work through that she will then be able to teach upon completion of the mentorship. This course works under the premise that the more deeply we are embodied, the more innately we are aligned with our architectural blue print of purpose. The curriculum enables practical support for each women to birth the current expression of this into form to then share. 9 month journey. Next cycle starts July 2021





Trinity to True North: This is a series of three sessions with Katherine geared to recalibrate your internal compass to what is most meaningful and true in your life. It is a good way to reset your direction when you feel lost, delve into a deeper challenge that is presenting in your external world and unravel the deeper causal underpinnings. Sessions run about an hour on zoom and she will often give you practice to utilize in-between to carry the transmission of the session deeper. She is also available for email contact between sessions to further track your trajectory. The series is usually completed over a month. $504 package


Deep Dive M/W: This container is by far where Katherine does her best most life altering work with others. This 6-9 month one on one private mentorship journey is designed with a curriculum of embodiment practices and insight counseling specifically for you. It is an extremely direct way to establish your ego in service of your soul, to master the art of emotional alchemy, to open and activate your tantric circuitry and understand how to use it in an embodied and integrated way. Healing from past trauma, addressing belief systems and memories that limit life force and potential, and strengthening your gifts and expression are all effects of this intimate adventure. Accessing new levels of vitality, joy, connection, and engaged relationships are also an effect of this profound work. This journey is an incredible gift of self love, that gives you the opportunity to truly claim the life you know is possible to live.  $900/month

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