TOL tribe is an ongoing deep and potent space for those truly on the path of owning their Divine Feminine embodied bliss. Feel the potency and frequency of this powerful circle as Katherine guides a weekly. meditation and circle for sharing and reflection. At the heart of the journey is the understanding that our inner and outer worlds are truly transformed through our innate feminine circuitry.

Join our powerful container of evolving consciousness through feminine wisdom. This space is truly soul nourishing, heart clarifying, and helps you navigate your life, week after week from a blooming Source point of love, wisdom, and power.


$108 per month

TOL Tribe

Are you starving for more feminine nourishment, receptivity, and inspiration?

Do you want to feel supported in an ongoing sacred cyber space where you can simply check in anytime and find true sisterhood through honesty, clear reflection of truth and a loving embrace of your experience?

Do you want inspiring ideas to bring more pleasure, more juice, more creativity into your life?


Join us for a 14 day activation journey into the Divine Feminine Frequency. Learn how to harness the power of your emotions into bliss beyond the waves of chaos. Gain entry into the wisdom, pleasure, and Love held in the gateway of your own body. Receive an activation into your innate shakti and soul frequency through the portals of your intimate anatomy.

This activation takes place over 3 two hour zoom calls Tuesday November 10th, 17th, and 24th. We will be offering information and a deep transmission into activating the body's gateways of Love, Wisdom, and Power. Each call will be accompanied with a PDF and practice to continue through out the week. We will be working alongside a powerful moon cycle to further assist in your capacity for transformation. For more information and to register click below.

$108 per month

Entering Venus

Want to feel more connection to pleasure, purpose, and passion?


Want to feel more access to your inner guidance system?


Want to know more vitality, bliss, and radiance?