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Creating Family Mentorship 

Comscious Conception & Birthing

Creating family is far more than a decision to have a baby. It is a conscious choice to further

our evolutionary purpose through our DNA,

gifts, and our tending to life itself.


The birthing journey can be a profound initiation for the entire family.

So often birth itself becomes a trauma as mother and father don’t have the wholesome support needed to care for themselves physically and

soulfully for the journey of bringing in life.

The birthing journey equally includes mother and father. It equally includes the bliss, the joy, the love and the mundane, the challenge, and grief.


The more we open to life, the more we face our fears around death.


The more we open to what is possible in our evolutionary trajectory, the more we open to our subconscious limitations in this.


The more we wish to know ourselves through intimate relationship with family, the more we meet aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, we don’t know how to love.

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Family is not a means away from our spiritual path.
It is an invitation into a deeper embodiment
of our spiritual path.

As a trained doula, experienced mother, and guide for many families choosing conscious birthing, I understand birth on many levels practical,

soulful, physical, and collectively.


I offer profound support for both mother and father individually in their own initiation into parenthood, and in their relationship with each other

and their incoming child.


I create a clear means of communication on all levels seen and unseen, and I give practical solutions for dealing with challenges and complications

in the pregnancy and birth process. 

Would like to explore ways I can support you

in your birth journey?

To see if this is a fit for you, book a 15-minute consultation with me.

Souls Guide to Birthing book

The Souls Guide to Birthing is a modern, comprehensive, and wide-reaching journey into the many dimensions of soulful pregnancy, blissful birth, and becoming a conscious parent. It is practical and soulful, sharing the deeper dimensions of the entire birth journey to empower parents and their child to their highest potentials.

This empowerment comes from consciously taking the Initiation into one of the most powerful experiences you will have in life: Conscious Birthing.


The Souls Guide to Birthing brings together science and indigenous wisdom from around the world to give you and your family the head start

you deserve in life.


In this book you will learn to: 


  • Prepare and deepen into the four trimesters of conscious birth

  • Navigate the emotions and hormonal ride of pregnancy

  • Open the doors to a Blissful Birth

  • Amplify your connection to Earth as a direct portal for conscious birthing.

  • Discover the 7 Gates of the Womb and true feminine power

  • Understand the role of the father in pregnancy, labor, and beyond

  • Understand the role of the mother and birthing as a spiritual pathway

  • Discover ways to consciously raise your new child

  • Open and heal what arises in pregnancy and birth

  • Use exercises to open into all aspects of the pregnancy and birth journey​

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"Before reading “The Souls Guide to Birthing” I didn't realize the profoundness of the conception, birthing, parenting process. This book gave me permission to relax into the beauty of my journey through birthing and parenting with my partner. Our experience was validated on profoundly physical, social, and spiritual levels.

I have used this book to reflect on my journey to parenting. There is a beautiful gifted energy which comes through in each of the exercises. 

This book is a profound gift to honor the intrinsic wisdom of our feminine capacity, while deeply appreciating the necessary participation of men in the process" ~AM

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