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ConsciousBirthing Book

Learn more about birthing through the soul's perspective, and how it is an innate part of humanity's evolution.

Souls Guide to Birthing

The Souls Guide to Birthing brings a unique perspective on the initiation process of relationships and co-creation of children, projects, or paradigms. The Souls Guide to Birthing is the soul’s handbook

for parents to have a soulful pregnancy, blissful birth,

and raise their children consciously.


The Soul’s Guide to Birthing is the soul’s perspective on healing and preparing women AND men on how to birth their child naturally in a caring, loving, and emotionally intelligent birth process. Conscious Birthing is transformative, a Rite of Passage for the whole family helping man, woman, and childbirth and embody hidden parts of their own soul. Women embody more of their feminine soul, yet birthing is equally a man’s opportunity to embody his deeper masculinity. 


This pathway is being Remembered again with the Renaissance of feminine consciousness. Sexuality and conscious relationship are the basis for conscious birth, using the full range of our emotions, hearts, and bodies. In the hormonal rollercoaster of pregnancy and birth lie great opportunities to heal our family and ancestral traumas with our inner child. Shedding these patterns means we pass these benefits onto our children: they do not need to suffer the same pains we have. 

The Souls Guide to Birthing brings together science and

indigenous wisdom from around the world to give you and

your family the head start you deserve in life.



In this collaboration, I share my two inspiring birth stories, both guided by intuition, surrender, and leading me into my embodied purpose.


Living an inspired life is something we all yearn for, whether we consciously dare to claim it or not.


From the spark of inspiration and the inception of an idea, we have the potential to create a life that is purpose-filled and joyful. But this potential can only manifest when we truly believe that we are worthy to create it, and when we have the courage to embrace the ingredients of our lives as the keys to our potential.


In this collaboration, I share the birth stories of my two children. These experiences were a profound initiation into remembering my feminine essence, discovering my power, and unlocking my purpose. These stories have inspired hundreds of women to claim birthing and pregnancy as a rite of passage.

Meet other leaders, who have each embarked on this journey into alignment, self-belief, and inspired living. Be moved by their stories and inspired to use their tools, so that you too, can step towards an inspired life of joy and prosperity.

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