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A 5-week Virtual Activation for Women and Men

November 7th - December 5th, 2022

five initiations of shakti

Join me for a five-week activation of five essential qualities
of embodiment from the inside out.
Desire, Devotion, Dark Eros, Discernment, and Death
are living expressions of Shakti that emanate
through the currency of our soul.

Each hold their own intelligence that guides our inner path of awakening, through our bodies, our hearts, and our minds. How these qualities authentically express in our lives is unique to each of us.


This activation will be a combination of teachings, transmission, and sharing. Open to men and women of all embodiment levels, and ages.

This activation is for those wishing strengthen their own internal guidance system to navigate life and important choice points from a their soul's wisdom. It is informative, inspiring, and activating on all levels of body and mind.

This offering is appropriate for all levels of embodiment and provides a wonderfully supportive field for transformation via deep feeling and high frequency group activation.

Live attendance is suggested and all calls will be recorded

for those who can not attend live. 

Investment: 257 euros

To register, please send payment via Paypal to (no fees)

Course Details 

You will Receive 


5 weeks



Novermber 7th, 14th 21st, 28th 

and December 5th, 2022


Zoom Meeting via Mighty Networks 

(Zoom calls last 1 hour)



21:00 CET / 12:00 PT

 An experiential initiation to how these soul expressions move through your body, and how your allowance of them brings creativity and fulfillment to your life.

  Energetic transmission to support you in opening more to your innate Shakti and your gentle embodiment of this life force energy. 


Practical application of how these qualities can create structure and direction for deeper access to your inner guidance, purpose, and gifts. 

I want to experience the initiation of Shakti!

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