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I am Katherine, 
founder of 


I guide
leaders, facilitators, and changemakers
an honest embodiment
of their 
Passion, Power, and Purpose


As a tantrika and guide,

I invite women and men to remember an innate 

path to awakening, through our human experience. 


These teachings have no dogma, no hierarchy;

they are pure, deep, wholesome, and tangible. 

Living our authentic relationship to our experience 

empowers us into a life that is

connected, intimate, embracing, and fulfilling.

This is our design, our birthright, and our mandate for a paradigm shift into the next capacity

of collective humanity.


Living Tantra Podcast
with Katherine

venus portals feminine embodiment course



An invitation for women

A 3-month Virtual Course for a deeper connection to your feminine essence through embodying your

soul sexuality. 

The next course starts on July 3rd, 2023.

Gold Standad Mentorship: Serving leaders, facilitators, and couples in tantric embodiment of their passion, power, and purpose.




Gold Standard Mentorship 

 Serving leaders, facilitators, and couples in tantric embodiment of their passion, power, and purpose.

 a facilitated group experience that invites us nakedly into pure presence

A facilitated group experience

Through the lens of the heart and womb/hara we choose to experience reality simply as it is arising in the moment. Here there is space for our history to arise and be felt and blessed inviting us nakedly into pure presence. We also feel our courage to remain still in the not knowing of who we are beyond our conditioned framework of reality.  

May 21st, 2023. 

A private couples crucible container



A private couples crucible container

A series of four virtual sessions with personal/shared practice in between sessions. Both individuals need to have the desire to journey deeper into the authentic nature of themselves, and their connection.

Visit the TOL SHOP

This is a collection of meditations and activations to support your deepening in your embodiment. These recordings carry simple instructions, teachings, and also profound transmissions. 

A brief introduction to how I discovered the feminine mysteries and the inspiration for Technology of Love. 

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Amanda ‘PUA’ Walsh 

CEO & Founder of Astrology Hub

Katherine is masterful at teaching you how to unlock the body’s natural technology, enabling emotions to become powerful allies, creativity and insights to flow with more ease, and an increased capacity for love. She has given me priceless tools and guidance, enabling me to hold space for thousands of people, channel the power of my emotions into creativity and insight, and even connect with my two young daughters in new and profound ways. I am forever grateful for her sharp perception and fearless dedication to helping me uncover the truth of who I am.