I am Katherine 
womb shaman, author, doula, and founder of  THE TECHNOLOGY OF LOVE

I guide Leaders, Facilitators, and Changemakers
into an honest embodiment of their 
Passion, Power, and Purpose



As a shaman and guide,

I invite women and men to remember an innate 

path to awakening, through our human experience. 


These teachings have no dogma, no hierarchy; they are pure, deep, wholesome, and tangible. 

Living our authentic relationship to our experience 

empowers us into a life that is

connected, intimate, empowered, and fulfilling.

This is our design, our birthright, and our mandate for a paradigm shift into the next capacity of collective humanity.


Living Tantra Podcast
launches Tuesday, 16th August 

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A SkyBody Experience™

A virtual course in collaboration with Adam Gainsburg 

for those inspired by the transformational capacity of 

deep astrology and inner alchemy.


This is a rare opportunity to activate your deepest Desire at the very heart of your fully engaged Human life.

There will be 5 live Zoom calls and an ongoing,

private forum on Mighty Networks. 



The course starts on October 3rd. 

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Free Webinar 

Join us for an experiential introduction to the future of embodied astrology.

August 29th | 1-2 pm PT | 22-23:00 CET 

register here


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For women & men

Let's gather via Zoom for an hour for: 




22:30 CET / 13:30 PT 


Next Call: August 21st

Register by emailing: carolyne@techoflove.com




An invitation for women

A 3-month Virtual Course for a deeper connection to your feminine essence through embodying your

soul sexuality. 

January 3rd - March 21st, 2023

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A private couples crucible container

A series of four virtual sessions with personal/shared practice in between sessions. Both individuals need to have a desire to journey deeper into the authentic nature of themselves, and their connection.


Expect to emerge on the other side more clear about the relationship, more connected to yourself and each other, and equipt with tools to deepen your honesty, intimacy and sexuality.




Gold Standard Mentorship 

 Serving leaders, facilitators and couples in tantric embodiment of their passion, power, and purpose.


More ways to discover your innate Technology of Love

A brief introduction to how I discovered the feminine mysteries and the inspiration for Technology of Love. 

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Amanda ‘PUA’ Walsh 

CEO & Founder of Astrology Hub

Katherine is masterful at teaching you how to unlock the body’s natural technology, enabling emotions to become powerful allies, creativity and insights to flow with more ease, and an increased capacity for love. She has given me priceless tools and guidance, enabling me to hold space for thousands of people, channel the power of my emotions into creativity and insight, and even connect with my two young daughters in new and profound ways. I am forever grateful for her sharp perception and fearless dedication to helping me uncover the truth of who I am.


Melekai Matson

Director Hawaii Tantra Fest

Studying with Katherine I experienced profound transformation in my life. I have been working under her guidance since then. Through her teachings and deeply held sacred containers, I have been able to embody and live from more of my essence. Katherine is a true teacher in that she guides us by example, inviting each of us to take full responsibility for our own awakening, and finding our own answers. In her sensually powerful feminine way, she asks us to step into our true service. She is an incredible embodiment of the Feminine in her absolute beauty, strength, and dedication to love and she wields it powerfully!​​

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Morgan Susan Taylor 

MA in Women's Sexuality & Feminine Spirituality 

Katherine is the type of teacher you seek when you are ready to do the real work of awakening; when you are ready to drop the bullshit; when you are ready to stop chasing the empty promises of the mainstream pseudo-spirituality; and when you are ready to finally get down to the real work of awakening. Katherine is a devoted teacher who will passionately stand by your side, serving as a loving guide, using her ferocious love and dedication to the path of feminine awakening to help you see the deeper truth of who you really are. For those who are ready to take their spiritual work to the next level, and who are willing to go far beyond where most other teachers could take you - I highly recommend working

with Katherine.

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